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Amish bread may be the best bread you will ever eat and we've compiled over 100 recipes for you. It is a delicacy that will give you a new and exciting baking experience which will result in extraordinarily good bread that is moist and flavorful. Amish bread which is also known as Amish friendship bread is a quickbread (or sweet bread) which resembles pound cake in taste and texture, but it is not quick to make.

Besides the fantastic taste and texture of Amish bread, one of the most unique characteristics that set this bread apart from other breads is the amount of time it takes to create it. In fact, Amish friendship bread requires a full 10 days to complete - from start to finish!

In light of the time it takes to make Amish bread, many might ask "why on earth would I make that?"
Amish Bread
In today’s fast paced world, family mealtime and home cooking has been replaced with instant substitutes of every kind.

Distasteful frozen meals and fast foods have unfortunately become a very large part of our modern culture.

It’s for this reason that many have found tremendous enjoyment and pleasure in coming back to the kitchen and back to spending time with family and friends.  Amish bread will connect you to the past when baking a 10 day bread was not extraordinary.

Amish bread, with it many variations, is guaranteed to satisfy  your whole family as there are literally hundreds of different flavor combinations. 

The secret to making friendship bread is the addition of a fermented mixture of yeast, sugar, milk and flour. This mixture matures over 10 days. The mixture sits at room temperate and additional flour, sugar and milk are added on the 4th and 10th days.

This Amish bread starter mixture is then separated into 3 equal parts. One part is used to make bread and the remaining parts are placed into separate bags and can be given to others, thus the name “Amish friendship bread”. 

What makes Amish bread really fun is that it can be combined with a myriad of other ingredients.

Most Amish bread recipes include oil, sugar, pudding and the addition of different things such as chocolate chips, fruit, pie filling, nuts, dried fruit, etc. The flavor combinations are endless!

Another thing that makes Amish bread fun is that you can use the basic Amish bread batter to make many other things such as cakes, muffins, and even pancakes or waffles!

So where did this wonderful bread come from? No one knows exactly where Amish bread came from.

The name would of course imply that it came from the Amish. Interestingly enough however, some Amish community members say it was not invented by the Amish. Regardless of its origin, Amish bread is simple goodness and fun that the whole family can enjoy.

And, if just by talking about the Amish and spending time with your family your children are drawn to learn more about traditional values, strong community, and hard work (all values that the Amish community exemplify)...

Well, that’s a good thing that you can literally taste!

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Amish Bread

Amish Bread

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